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GREENVILLE, SC - April 23, 2008 - ScanSource, Inc., {Nasdaq: SCSC}, a leading international value-added distributor of specialty technology products, has enhanced the monitoring capabilities of its ScanSource VirtualTechnician (SSVT) remote monitoring and management tool by integrating it with IBM’s Remote Monitoring Agent (RMA). The integration of RMA into the SSVT-hosted architecture brings functionality and information to the IBM POS solution provider that, before now, has only been available to the internal IT departments of large enterprises.

SSVT allows resellers to provide proactive monitoring and management services for point-of-sale hardware and software applications, driving help desk efficiency, improved customer relationships and differentiation during the sales process. With the integration of IBM RMA, resellers have a more comprehensive view into the customer site, expanding their monitoring capabilities – not just at the back office level, but also directly at the POS terminal and related peripherals. What’s more, resellers can provide more detailed asset management, including inventory reporting and asset tracking.

“By interfacing IBM RMA with ScanSource VirtualTechnician, we are helping resellers to capture the most important data and deliver customized reports and alerts that can help them be more efficient and proactive to their customer,” said Paul Constantine, vice president of solutions and services, ScanSource, Inc. “This integration opens up IBM’s investment in their Remote Monitoring Agent to the solution provider channel and, by extension, to the mid-market and SMB end-user customers they serve."

Said Don Capman, president, JD Associates and ScanSource reseller partner, “We have been looking for ways to leverage the value of IBM's Remote Monitoring Agent for some time now, and the integration of IBM RMA into the ScanSource VirtualTechnician architecture is exactly what we need. We have been using SSVT since its inception, and this solution will allow us to more effectively differentiate IBM POS solutions during the sales process and provide higher levels of post-sale support.”

ScanSource VirtualTechnician is currently a North American offering. For more information, call 1.800.944.2439 X 8233.

About ScanSource, Inc.
ScanSource, Inc. {NASDAQ:SCSC} is a leading international distributor of specialty technology products. The Company markets specialty technologies through four sales units: ScanSource POS and Barcoding [automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) and point-of-sale (POS) products]; Catalyst Telecom (Avaya communications products); ScanSource Communications (video conferencing, telephony and communications products); and ScanSource Security (electronic security products).

ScanSource, Inc. serves the North America, Latin America and Europe markets. Founded in 1992, the company ranks #901 on the Fortune 1000. For more information, call the toll-free sales telephone number at 800.944.2432 or visit