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Ian Thompson

5 Reasons Today's Executives Must Be Social Media Savvy

Social media has changed the way people connect. What started as a platform for family and friends to keep in touch has evolved to become a driving force for business growth and a catalyst for social change. I jumped on the trend early with MySpace and was more than happy to trade in my profile for Facebook when it arrived in 2006. Since then Facebook along with Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have become valuable tools for both individuals and businesses,’ permanently altering how news is distributed (real or fake), the way products and services are marketed and making it possible for average individuals to find relative fame and success.

Because of the dominance of social media the number of executives and directors who aren’t social savvy confounds me. There exists a lack of understanding when it comes to the power of social media and its’ ability to draw an audience and produce business outcomes. In a recent brainstorming session I was asked an alarming question by an executive who I assumed understood social marketing. His question was simple- is it possible to link back to an organizations homepage in a Twitter post? I don’t blame him for not understanding the purpose of Twitter, as he is not alone.  I’ve come to understand many executives and directors don’t realize the power of social media to build new relationships, generate sales leads and to become an authoritative industry leader. Below you’ll find 5 reasons why today’s executives must be social media savvy.


Demonstrate expertise.

Through hard work, determination and expertise you’ve become a leader within your organization. Further establish the legitimacy of yourself and your business by being a visible leader on social media. You know you’re an expert now share your knowledge with the world.

Create and expand networking opportunities.

With nearly 4.2 Billion monthly active users the opportunities to connect online are greater than ever before. By networking directly with thought leaders and potential clients executives can generate sales leads, quickly address customer issues, learn of relevant events and trends and widen the scope of their personal and business network.

Broaden the reach of your organization.

You’re weekly blog (you do have a blog right?) will only go so far if it’s not shared. By creating and sharing content to draw users back to your site and encouraging employees to do the same you will greatly expand the digital reach of your business. Each time your article or link is shared, retweeted or viewed the possible reach of your organization is more than tripled. More views means more potential for sales growth.

Maintain relevance in the digital world.

Like it or not social media isn’t going anywhere. For executives and directors in every industry social media makes it possible to maintain relevance in the digital world. Successful business leaders use social media to gather insight into industry opinions, connect with a diverse audience, make informed decisions and gain fresh perspectives.

Generate conversions through conversations.

Relationships are the cornerstone of a successful organization. Leaders who take the time to follow or connect with peers and businesses and interact by sharing content or replying to a conversation can generate trust and legitimacy that ultimately leads to conversions. Be more social and generate sales for your business.

Social media is no longer an optional component of the business world. Every member of your organization from the highest level down must embrace, use and understand social marketing. For executives who establish a presence on relevant social media platforms there exists an opportunity for tremendous growth and greater success while solidifying their place in the lightning fast global environment.

We understand that building and maintaining a personal social media following is both challenging and time consuming. Through FASTPATH, our partner enablement program, the KBZ ScanSource team is available to help build, execute and maintain the social media presence of your organization as well as your own. If you’d like to know more leave a comment below or get in touch via social.

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- Ian Thompson