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Ian Thompson

Find Cisco Success At The ScanSource KBZ Solution Summit

Online tutorials, blogs and videos are great resources for education but nothing beats learning in-person from experts. For most of us, myself included, detailed information and ideas are harder to understand and absorb when taking a do-it-yourself approach. To complicate things while many solutions have become easier to implement the challenges presented by our fast-paced digital world has made optimization more difficult once deployed. Because of this we decided to plan an event that would provide a venue for partners and friends to come together for three days of real-world Cisco education and beachside fun.

Next week ScanSource KBZ along with Cisco are bringing together our solutions experts in Collaboration, Networking, IoT and Services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to provide education surrounding ways to accelerate your Cisco business across key architectures and to expand into new solution sets. Event goers will be treated to live-demos, tips on positioning real-world solutions and opportunities to network with top Cisco solutions experts.

Registration begins Monday, February 20th from 11am-5pm and is followed by an afternoon of Golf before the opening reception and expo where folks will have an opportunity to catch-up and network.

The following two days will cover topics relating to Cisco’s broad range of Collaboration, Networking and IoT solutions. Guests will be treated to inspiring executive presentations and will have the opportunity to participate in break out sessions and scheduled one-on-one meetings.

While I know it can be easy to forget to eat when in the midst of inspiration and learning (I kid) we can’t exist on knowledge alone so food will be provided throughout each day with dinner and more opportunities for networking and fun every evening.

Our hope is that every guest will leave the event armed with new knowledge and a set of tools and resources to accelerate their Cisco business success. Get ready to kick-off the next best thing for your organization and get your feet in some sand!

Together, as a community of partners, friends and experts we will start 2017 in style and get your business ready to hit the ground running toward Cisco success. If you can’t make it in person, no worries! Our experts are always available to answer questions and to help you realize success and growth in your business. Reach out or comment below if you have any questions.

ScanSource KBZ Solution Summit Agenda

Monday February 20th
12:30:00 PM 1:00:00 PM 0:30 Golf Kickoff at Hotel
1:00:00 PM 1:30:00 PM 0:30 Shuttle to Golf Course
1:45:00 PM 6:45:00 PM 5:00 Golf Tournament
7:30:00 PM 9:30:00 PM 2:00 Evening Expo and Reception (Dinner will be served)

Tuesday February 21st
8:30:00 AM 9:00:00 AM 0:30 Opening Remarks Ian Thompson
9:00:00 AM 9:30:00 AM 0:30 Intelisys Introduction Andrew Pryfogle
9:30:00 AM 10:30:00 AM 1:00 Keynote Chuck Martin
10:30:00 AM 11:15:00 AM 0:45 Executive Presentations Brian Cuppett and Craig Cieplinski
11:15:00 AM 12:15:00 PM 1:00 Cisco SLED EBC Presentation CXC Team
12:15:00 PM 1:15:00 PM 1:00 Lunch and Scheduled 1-on-1 Meeting Time -
1:30:00 PM 2:30:00 PM 1:00 Breakout Session 1 Various
2:30:00 PM 3:00:00 PM 0:30 Break and Scheduled 1-on-1 Meeting Time -
3:00:00 PM 4:00:00 PM 1:00 Breakout Session 2 Various
4:00:00 PM 4:30:00 PM 0:30 Spark Updates Brett Harrison
4:30:00 PM 5:00:00 PM 0:30 Regroup and Recap 
6:00:00 PM 9:00:00 PM 3:00 Dinner -

Wednesday February 22nd
8:30:00 AM 9:30:00 AM 0:30 Opening Remarks 
9:00:00 AM 10:00:00 AM 1:00 Breakout Session 3 
10:00:00 AM 10:15:00 AM 0:15 Break and Scheduled 1-on-1 Meeting Time 
10:15:00 AM 11:15:00 PM 1:00 Breakout Session 4 
12:15:00 PM 12:30:00 PM 0:15 Pickup lunch before general session 
12:30:00 PM 1:30:00 PM 1:00 Open Mic Panel Discussion and Closing Remarks

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- Ian Thompson