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Ian Thompson

What Will the True Impact of the IoT Be for Business?

My typical workday starts in the same manner each morning-coffee followed by breakfast and twitter. Years ago I read a short article that explained the first few hours of the workday can have a measurable impact on productivity over the following eight. Scrolling through Twitter while drinking coffee in slow, intentional intervals helps me to set the tone for a productive day. Over the last year I’ve begun to notice an increasing quantity of articles posted to Twitter discussing the Internet of Things. Just this morning I found myself staring at a flashy infographic calling the era of the IoT the next atomic age. While this may be true a number of us are still wondering what the Internet of Things will mean for business and how to implement the new technologies.

Any ‘Thing’ can be connected. 
At this point most people who know of the IoT also know it will have a powerful impact on virtually all aspects of our economy and society. The Internet of Things makes it possible for almost any ‘thing’ to be connected to the Internet-from your trash bin to your car to the bridge you cross during the daily commute. Any object, large or small has the potential to become more efficient and useful saving time, dollars, the environment and lives. Still, transferring the knowledge of this emerging connected future to your business can be a challenge.

The potential positive outcomes for businesses that have prepared are huge. 
If predictions ring true by 2020 over 34 billion internet-connected devices will be in use. Businesses have begun to allocate large percentages of their budgets to Digital Transformation and the IoT making it a top strategic priority for 2017. That said many organizations are behind and in danger of failure. For businesses that have prepared, the Internet of Things makes it possible to reimagine outcomes and possibilities in ways thought unimaginable just ten years ago. Companies have the ability to create a dynamic business model based on collaborative work and innovation making it possible to address customer needs and expectations in real-time. In short the IoT allows businesses to redefine and personalize customer experiences and the delivery of experiences like never before.

Achieve IoT success with Cisco. 
In a competitive landscape with no standard and a massive list of vendors its understandable that many businesses have fallen short on IoT preparation. Cisco’s IoT solutions set them apart from the crowd of vendors vying for your attention and include consultation, support and utilities services. Maciej Kranz in a recent piece written for Cisco explained deployment of IoT technologies is merely a jumping off point and implementing solutions “without a corresponding change in business process will lead to disappointing outcomes.” Cisco has crafted an IoT program that enables success by traveling beyond implementation, focusing on solving genuine business problems for customers and providing a path to execution.

The Internet of Things is a truly profound revolution in technology. The potential positive outcomes for businesses that have prepared are massive. If you’d like to know more about how ScanSource ScanSource KBZ and Cisco can help your business along the IoT journey reach out or leave a comment below. 

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- Ian Thompson