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Cisco Meraki and the Meraki360 Training Program-Less, But Better

Cloud computing was a once polarizing topic that inspired countless debates in IT circles but has grown to become one of the most important innovations of the last 30 years. Simplifying business processes and giving organizations the ability to store and use information in a secure manner while collaborating without the need for complex systems of equipment and costly software packages is truly revolutionary.

To build a connected organization traditionally required a vast and complicated network of hardware and a specified team of IT professionals to implement, deploy and maintain it all. Any IT or networking specialist will tell you things became messy and complicated very quickly. Gateways, servers, controllers, routers and closets packed with a bird’s nest full of wires had for years been the norm. The time it takes to make a network like this function robs hours and energy from building new business technologies and processes. To make matters worse, the potential for complications that cause network downtime is great, eating up more time and proving fatal for many businesses that can’t afford unreliable connectivity.

Cisco Meraki-Ultimate simplicity and ultimate efficiency.

Cisco Meraki harnesses the power of cloud technology to streamline and improve networking in a simple, efficient and easily deployable way. Meraki is perhaps is the finest example of Cisco’s obsessive commitment to shedding complexities. When needless complexity is stripped away businesses are able to focus on innovations that have the potential to change our world.

The Meraki lineup includes switches, access points, security cameras and appliances, phones and mobile device management. An entire system of products designed with total simplicity in mind and managed easily from the cloud. For most organizations Meraki provides all of the tools needed to successfully deploy and manage IT.

The icon of German Industrial Design Dieter Rams once said “Good design is as little design as possible. Less, but better--because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials. Back to purity, back to simplicity.” Meraki was designed with this commitment to simplicity and purity in mind and achieves this goal where others have failed.

Meraki360 Training Program

Partners are always eager to learn about Cisco solutions in person and the Meraki 360 training program allows you to do just that. Meraki 360 is a half-day training session that gives participants the opportunity to use and interact with the entire Meraki end-to-end solution in a hands-on laboratory format. You’ll learn to configure and test real devices under the guidance of Meraki certified instructors and will gain a true understanding of how this powerful solution can simplify and empower you and your customers businesses.

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Most of the available technologies that have simplified our lives at work and at home have evolved through the innovations of pioneering individuals with the expertise and foresight to envision a world free from limitations. Cisco Meraki was born from the desire to design and implement simplified IT cloud management solutions for organizations wishing to spend more time innovating and less time dealing with messy, complex, unreliable networks. Like Cisco says, technology can connect us, empower us and drive us forward.

If you’d like to know more about Cisco Meraki or would like to join a Meraki 360 Training session reach out, leave a comment below, or get in touch via Social Media.