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Ian Thompson

Your Best Thanksgiving Yet

We have great news! It’s finally time to bring out the serving dishes and cans of pumpkin pie filling. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we’re ready for what I call the three Fs – family, food and football! Looking for a few ways to make this year’s Thanksgiving the best yet? Take a look at our suggestions that will keep you balanced and happy moving into the holiday season and let us know your suggestions on Twitter @ScanSourceKBZ. 

 1).   Maintain work where and when you want – Stepping away from the office doesn’t have to initiate FOMO (fear of missing out), anxiety and the inevitable onslaught of emails upon your return. Manage things at your own pace with collaboration apps like Cisco Spark. With simple to set notifications, you can request to not be disturbed for any period of time. No phones at the dinner table! My family is a big stickler for this, so having a tool like Spark enables me to stay connected, but not be rude.

 2).   Be prepared to share your knowledge – Chances are, you’re not only grandma’s favorite, but you’re also the only one who knows how the remote works, where the corkscrew is and how to fix the Internet if it goes down. If your family somehow has a Meraki network, that last step gets a little easier since you can manage it through the dashboard on a mobile device! Lend a hand and wow your family - Maybe this year they’ll actually remember what you do for a living…(something with computers?).

 3).   Take advantage of what the season has to offer – After you’re all turkey’d out, take advantage of the season in the way of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Here are a few that we are watching.

 4).   Enjoy old favorites but try something new (but NOT cranberry relish… it looks good but is not for me!) – Whether it’s your favorite side dish or a new game, Thanksgiving is a great time to enjoy old favorites and incorporate new traditions.

 5).   Give back – The holiday season is a great time to give back. Take time out of your week to donate time or food to those less fortunate. Here’s how our friends at Cisco are giving back.

This year we are giving thanks for our hard working team, our fantastic partners and the hundreds of customers we have the opportunity to serve. The ScanSource KBZ team wishes you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!