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Alyssa Schaffer

Using Digital Transformation to Better Connect People

When we think of the term “Digital Transformation,” we tend to think of electronic devices and software. But these are merely the tools required to transform the way we connect with others (both internally and externally) and the way we operate our businesses.

Just about all industries are using digital advances, such as analytics, mobility, social media and smart embedded devices to change customer relationships, internal processes, and value propositions. And as with any solid business strategy, a digital transformation journey requires a clear definition of objectives and a well thought-out roadmap on how to achieve them. Today we’re taking a look at how digital transformation can help improve business processes and employee productivity.

Let’s begin with the idea that high-performance companies need high-performance communications tools to help fuel growth and make their teams run more efficiently. Better communication leads to better collaboration, which results in higher productivity. That’s why more than 60 percent of firms using team collaboration tools report saving three hours a week per mobile worker. In fact, companies with advanced team collaboration achieve:

• Better financial results
• Higher employee performance
• Increased employee loyalty
• Higher levels of innovation

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With mobile workers becoming the new normal, today’s businesses need a digital strategy in place to ensure that key team members are communicating, sharing ideas, and connecting face-to-face (digitally speaking, of course). Mitel helps partners improve collaboration with digital solutions every day. They’ve even compiled an impressive list of ways to cut costs and boost productivity in an infographic that you can share with your customers.

Of course, convincing your customers of the need for new solutions is just half the battle. Once that part is done, you need to configure a solution tailored to their needs. Plus, you need to implement the solution in what could be quite a few locations on the map. And throughout the entire process, from pre-sale services through configuration, all the way through implementation, the team at ScanSource is by your side with expert assistance on products, solutions, and services. When it comes to digital transformation and collaboration, ScanSource is the star player on your team.

Want to learn more, or are you ready to get started? Start the ball rolling by sending an email to with the subject line “Digital Transformation” and let’s get to work.