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Kristen Baker

Sometimes playing it safe is the biggest risk of all

There’s no constant like change—especially where technology is concerned—and the OS LTE migration proves it. So, it’s time for your customers to loosen their firm grasp on their legacy devices, because holding onto these products can hold them back. But, the good news is change doesn’t have to disrupt business.

Remember, the next year and a half will be highlighted by mobility transitions. During that time:

• Windows OS is going end of life
• Verizon will end its 3G service

According to Zebra, the OS migration to Android could cause serious problems for businesses, including but not limited to: “no security patches, no support for code issues, no new features, and no access to data; Wi-Fi disconnections; lack of replacement parts; an unfriendly user experience; dropped calls*.” That’s why you need to prepare your customers without delay. Zebra suggests taking actions like “speeding up training, eliminating inefficiency, and increasing accuracy*”—always good things to do, and especially now.

What’s OS LTE’s silver lining? Zebra says it offers “broader coverage, shorter latency times, simultaneous data + voice, better audio quality, and 10x data speeds*.” In addition, Android benefits customers because of its global ubiquity. Zebra offers an extremely diverse Android LTE product portfolio—as well as LifeGuard™ security, application migration services, and the GO Zebra trade-in program to help defray some of the costs associated with this migration*.

Zebra can show you how to reach the customers affected, so you can help them re-evaluate and elevate their mobile strategy—to effectively position them in this new OS world. And, with the invaluable product- and support-based solutions ScanSource offers, you can help your customers overcome the business risks these changes pose, by creating a total solution.

Time’s a wastin’, so let us put you and your customers on the road to a smoother OS LTE migration. The first step is watching this Zebra video, and then contacting your ScanSource POS and Barcode sales rep to get started today.

*Zebra OS LTE Migration