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Gabby Giles

Get on the FASTPATH: Q&A with Chris Blackwell, Vendor Business Manager, Cisco Security

Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,”—we believe that if he were still alive today that he would add cybersecurity attacks to that list. Security attacks are prevalent in every industry and often take different forms making them difficult to keep up with. Malware, phishing, SQL injections, zero-day exploits and many other forms of attacks threaten businesses of all sizes and routinely get in the way of normal business functions.

We know security is important to you and your customers, that’s why we have developed a half-day Cisco security training program to get you started with all of the best products that Cisco Security has to offer. Our Vault training courses cover three of the top security products and solutions: Cisco Umbrella, Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints and Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). During the course, attendees are offered a deep dive into Cisco cybersecurity where they will look at positioning and live demos of multiple products and learn how to integrate cybersecurity into their current offerings.

Learn more about what’s covered in Vault classes here, and read on to meet one of the security pros who will have you on the FASTPATH to security selling success below.

Meet Chris Blackwell, Vendor Business Development Manager and Cisco Security expert at ScanSource. He is a Greenville local and has been with the ScanSource KBZ team for more than 10 years in varying capacities. He is a Certified Meraki Networking Associate (CMNA-certified) and has completed Cisco Fire Jumper Certification.  He is a self-proclaimed ‘nerd at heart’ who started building his own computers in high school and lugged around his desktop PC and CRT monitor to LAN parties with his fellow gaming nerds. Chris emphatically states, “Cybersecurity appeals to my inner nerd and I love talking with industry folks and partners about recognizing and combating security threats. I am impressed with the Cisco Cybersecurity portfolio because they provide a full end-to-end security solution.”

We asked Chris a few questions about the Vault training classes:

Q: In your own words, what will the attendee accomplish from attending this training?

A: Vault is designed to help you and your business transition into selling and understanding network security. It shows you how to incorporate network security into what you are already selling today. It helps you understand that if you are not providing some sort of security offering then you are losing ground with your customers.

Q: What is your favorite thing, or in your opinion the most valuable thing about the training course you offer?

A: The most valuable take-away from the Vault training is learning to understand how network security touches every part of your business. Once you understand that you begin to look at opportunities through a different lens and start to see how offering network security can grow your wallet share with your customers.

Q: Why start with Vault?

A: Vault is the first step in learning about Cisco cybersecurity. There are many other training series and programs that can continue to grow your comfort level with cybersecurity. We are here to help you determine which ones will be the best fit for your business.

What to expect from the Vault program:

Learn from the industry’s top experts

During the Vault class, your account managers and systems engineers will learn from our specially trained, Cisco-certified instructors in a hands-on lab format, as you configure and test devices and manage threats in a test environment.

Configure and Secure Products You're Already Selling

Learn which Cisco security solutions can pair seamlessly with the Cisco (and other brands of hardware) solutions you're already selling, what they offer to secure your customers' data, and how they can become the products with the most-quickly-realized recurring-revenue streams in your portfolio!

Get Access to a JumpStart MOU

Partners that complete the Vault training program get access to a ScanSource JumpStart MOU and the FASTPATH momentum incentive program—with marketing dollars to amplify your security offers in the market.

One Step Closer to Fire Jumper Academy

Fire Jumper Academy is your ticket to shine in the security space! This Cisco security enablement program is the next level to help engage your system engineers as they learn how to go deep into the entire security networking architecture.

Know What AMP4E-UMB-BUN Means

This is one bundle SKU you need to know! Understand the value in positioning Cisco AMP and Umbrella together, and why they should be included on every PO.

Secure Your FASTPATH Attack Plan with Vault Planning

The Vault class is just the beginning! You'll leave with definitive next steps on how to get certified, along with a follow-up call to work with our team on your plan to start positioning and selling Cisco security with all of your hardware rollouts.

Join our upcoming Vault training sessions here, and learn more about the program by emailing us at