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Gabby Giles

Don’t Change the Channel Podcast: Episode 2, Featuring Encore Technology Group’s Michael Knight

The latest episode of our technology channel podcast features Encore Technology Group’s President and Chief Strategy / Technology Officer, Michael Knight.

What are we chatting about this month? First, Facebook’s latest in a string of security gaffes dealing with the sale of consumer data (this one may make you ditch the platform for good!). Next we touch on fraudulent tactics and dirty dealings on Amazon Marketplace. We read the Verge’s recent exposé  of the topic and it really made us question our holiday shopping lists and the products we had delivered in the last few weeks.

This month’s podcast guest is Michael Knight, President and Chief Strategy / Technology Officer at Encore Technology Group, one of the largest independent system integrators in the Southeastern United States. According to him, what sets them apart is their approach to selling-- they’re taking a broader approach to different technologies, categories and solutions and driving real outcomes to partners.

Our discussion with Michael twists and turns throughout a few different avenues (he even gets a little personal around 20:43, sharing his personal mentors and life lessons learned) and lands squarely on something that affects him as a consumer and a business leader: security and the migration to cloud managed solutions. Listen in to find out why Michael believes our obsession with doing more (faster!) with technology and treating security like an afterthought will come back to bite us.

What’s hot and what’s not during this podcast? We’re talking about family traditions around the holidays, Parkour for the elderly, quantum computing and SPAM calls. Learn more about Michael Knight and Encore Technology Group here, then tune in to the podcast and submit your thoughts, questions and suggestions to our social media platforms!