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Wendy Thacker

Frontline Workers Need Top-Notch Technology Solutions

In tough times, people who work on the front lines are our first lines of defense. They’re seen as our heroes, because their courageous actions are meant to keep us safe. You might already think of doctors and nurses that way, but what about retail workers who keep necessary stores open, even during uncertain times? Or, those who work in manufacturing and warehousing, to keep the world’s supply chain moving? Especially now, they can be equally heroic, and technology can be a first line of defense for them, too, as it is for those in medicine. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the solutions that can make life a bit easier for the healthcare, retail, and manufacturing/warehousing workforces.

In healthcare—which certainly is top of mind for so many of us these days—multiple solutions are available to help associates keep pace. For example, mobility is needed now more than ever. It allows temporary medical sites that administer sometimes-lifesaving treatments to function as safely and effectively as possible. Critical workflows, normally found only in brick-and-mortar hospitals and clinics, must be recreated for off-site locations, and must be equal to the task. And access to real-time patient data is crucial, as well as ways for staff members to work together while delivering high-quality care and preventing infections. Drive-through testing, including the collection of specimens, needs to be as fast, safe, and accurate as is humanly possible. Leverage mobile barcode technology for data collection, positive patient ID, accurate labeling, and printing. 

In retail, services like online, contact-free ordering and curbside pickup are almost essential, now and in the future, to keeping a store’s doors open. They increase efficiency, so retailers provide a faster, more-pleasurable shopping experience. And increased efficiency also leads to increased productivity—allowing businesses to make the best use of their employees’ time while still ensuring their safety. Improved scanning performance during checkout makes for happier shoppers, too, as limiting exposure between customers and staff members escalates the safety of both. Retailers that employ inventory solutions know what products actually are on hand, and when to reorder. These solutions also allow pricing on demand and connect the cashiers out front to the workers in the back office. Again, all leading to more efficiency and more satisfied customers. The current situation is driving the dramatic rise of online/contact-free ordering and curbside pickup—changing how shoppers shop and retailers sell. And, these solutions likely are here to stay.

In manufacturing and warehousing, applications that screen workers can reduce downtime. Being able to clear them quickly—by pairing touch computers with no-contact/infrared thermometers—means essential staff members continue working safely without missing a beat. And with the right solutions in place, the most-up-to-date information can be shared, so employees know there’s a commitment to a safe workspace. Those solutions also allow physically distanced training through the adoption of new technology applications, processes, and features. Zebra’s Video on Device learning service, for example, puts knowledge at employees’ fingertips through how-to videos and other easy-to-use, highly effective trainings. 

Working with ScanSource and Zebra, all businesses can create the solutions needed on the front lines today, and in the future—regardless of work environment. From mobile computers and handheld barcode scanners, to RFID readers and mobile printers—Zebra products can keep everything running as it should. And Zebra-certified supplies, purchased from ScanSource, provide the heightened efficiency needed today, too. Zebra can even teach you how to properly disinfect your device!

Read more about Zebra’s healthcare, retail, and manufacturing solutions that help deliver industry-leading patient care and customer service. And don’t forget Zebra can assist customers to protect their investments, too, with Zebra OneCare. It provides valuable information you need, especially now.