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Productivity anywhere is at the heart of modern communications

Effective businesses and organizations understand that communication is a vital component of their success, but digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic has advanced communications technologies tremendously. Modern communications focus not only on sitting across from someone in an office but now should include other means of collaboration. Exchanges typically occur digitally rather than by phone calls.

Modern communications must enable productivity anywhere, and sharing information must be easier, faster, and more affordable than previous methods. Hybrid workplaces are now the norm, and, with the proper upgrades, can result in improved worker satisfaction and higher productivity. Loom Inc. reports that 87% of office workers can identify ways that working remotely and using digital communication tools improved their jobs. Not only do they feel better about their work-life balance, but they report less distractions working from home. Technology keeps workers engaged and connected, but there’s still room for improvement. Those surveyed expressed a need for better data storage or file sharing tools, which they feel could improve their productivity by almost 60%.

How do ScanSource solutions support productivity anywhere? Here are just a few examples.

Personal Communication Devices

The most obvious way of staying productive anywhere is through hardware such as personal communication devices. This includes mobile phones, computers, and tablets equipped with the software needed to complete their jobs. As a leader in hybrid distribution, ScanSource offers solutions such as cameras, speakerphones, studio room kits, and meeting bars from the world’s top suppliers.

Mobile Device Management

Many employees rely on mobile devices such as phones and laptops to be productive – where they are working. These need to be centrally managed to allow location and performance to be monitored or tracked. This also allows for enterprise applications to be updated regularly.

Cloud Adoption

UC/UCaaS/CCaaS solutions allow employers to keep workers connected and productive through on-premise or cloud-based platforms such as video meetings, file storage and sharing, and team calls. Meanwhile, cloud computing allows organizations to have more control over the costs associated with data storage, applications, and connectivity. User experiences are also optimized.


With more employees working remotely on the same system, there is an increased vulnerability to cyber threats. Cybersecurity solutions are an essential part of working from anywhere. A reliable network with effective cybersecurity measures can protect an organization’s assets and data through policy, detection, and response.

Video Collaboration

Organizations using video collaboration solutions such as Webex allow employees to contribute wherever they are, eliminating delays or disruptions caused by travel or in-person meetings. These methods may also help reduce costs and make meetings more efficient.


Virtual-forward partners can easily build thriving and resilient modern communications solutions to support a hybrid workplace model with help from ScanSource. Interested in learning if or how technology solutions can benefit your business? Reach out to your ScanSource representative today to learn more.