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Meeting warehousing and logistics’ demands requires more mobility

Because of the global health crisis, warehousing and logistics—including manufacturing and supply chain—are evolving rapidly. There’s now a heightened emphasis on speed and convenience, but the main objectives still are the same: worker productivity and safety, high-speed fulfillment, and accurate inventory systems. Specialized mobility devices help ensure all these functions are completed seamlessly.

ScanSource can help optimize this market to its fullest potential. We monitor trends and technologies, then share the information you need to capitalize on these opportunities. For example, in 2020 eCommerce sales will climb by 18 percent to reach more than $700 billion—representing 14.5 percent of total US retail sales 1. And warehousing is the backbone of eCommerce. When you check here often, you’ll see what’s new from our suppliers—and around the industry—to help future proof business.

1. eMarketer

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How can warehouses be more agile in response to unforeseen, massive changes? How can manufacturers better future proof their operations? What do the latest trends, like blockchain and contact tracing, mean to this market? Our resources answer these questions and more. We’ll show you how the acceleration of eCommerce and the digital transformation affect warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing—and how ScanSource can build the solutions businesses need to stay ahead of the curve.
Securely extend the enterprise network to non-carpeted spaces
The Cisco Extended Enterprise Solution captures business intent and extends it to the non-carpeted spaces of enterprises—where the operations happen.
Zebra Warehousing Vision Study
Zebra’s study surveyed 1,400+ IT and operational decision makers to assess the present and future states of warehouse operations.
Warehouse Seller's Guide
The Seller’s Guide to Warehouse Mobility helps you ask the right questions when you’re talking to end users about their warehouse mobility needs.

Mobility Videos

Cisco Webex Expert on Demand
Poly Voyager 5200 UC
Honeywell CK65
Zebra MC9300

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