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  • Distributed Locations. Ensuring quality of service of applications that contributes to happy customers improved revenue is a challenge for centrally located IT staff. They must be able to prevent issues before they happen. 
  • Different Management Tools. Numerous tools to manage WAN and LAN are challenging. They are seeking streamlined solutions that merge networking and security capabilities.
  • IoT Enabled Environments . Supporting new initiatives (robotics, inventory cameras, shelf labels, kiosks, interactive mirrors, etc.) means more IoT which means more vulnerabilities to security breaches. IT staff needs to feel confident that their business is secure.
  • Providing data and insights to the business. More than ever, IT is being asked to provide data and other insights to the business. This includes space utilization, network access information, and opt-in personal information that can help drive better experiences and customer loyalty.


  • Problem: Ensuring stores are delivering great experiences without interruption, even with no or limited IT at the store.
    ·  Solution: Aruba's Comprehensive wired and wireless solutions are easy to deploy, manage, analyze, diagnose, and remediate network operations.
  • Problem: Stores must stay ahead of issues to remain competitive including ensuring functional POS systems, real-time inventory systems, and associates that are able to assist customers without IT challenges.
    ·  Solution: AI insights for network operations and management as well as User Experience Insight for user and device experience reporting.
  • Problem: As retail stores are becoming very IoT focused, they must ensure data, including payment data is secured.
    ·  Solution: Aruba ESP Zero Trust security software is built into the network infrastructure rather than relying on third parties for protection.


Skechers turned to Aruba, Free Space Wi-Fi, and ScanSource to find the best networking solution for their 2.5 million square foot warehouse facility that could deliver:

  • A reliable always-on network
  • Remote management capabilities due to limited IT staff
  • Ability to manage the inventory logistics of 5 million pairs of shoes annually

Aruba products included Central Cloud Software, AP-565 Access Points, Aruba CX Switches for Network Access Core and Edge coverage.

Key differentiators: 

  • Aruba ClearPass Security Software and dynamic roles for devices and users
  • Segmentation of mobile, IoT, and daily warehouse traffic on the network 
  • Consolidation of network management, security, and network policies into one simple solution

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